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Alright Gandhi formed in Berlin 2014, a place where people from all across the world come to do whatever they feel and nobody minds. Rosa Gerhards (UK), Pietro Fornara (IT), Dominick Gray (US) met each other in the chaos of underground jam sessions to play music on wild and crowded weekdays.

The band became an intimate vehicle propelled by Rosa’s songwriting and basslines and Pietro’s guitar-painting. With Dominick Gray on drums, the sound developed into deep acoustics and unconventional rhythms played to move your hips and open your mind. Alright Gandhi exists by the same motto as its carefree environment: forget history, be original! Kalle recorded, produced and released Alright Gandhi’s first full length album ‘Little Traveller’ this April 2016, that pops, dances and surprises. The album invokes magical pop, world grooves, and positive music. In 2016 these little travellers toured through Portugal, Lithuania, Latvia, UK, Poland and Italy. In one line: music that likes to experiment, not experimental music.

Alright Gandhi


Nosoyo is an indie-pop duo, reaching out to the world from Berlin, Germany. Two souls passionate about the most important things in life – music, art, travel and a dream to connect with kindred spirits across the world.
Their sound shifts from delicate indie pop hymns to hypnotic electro folk with heavy synth bass lines and layered vocals. Their work is also a treasure cove for the lyrically inclined audience with profound thoughts and love struck notions weaving never-ending journeys in every mind.

Donata Kamarz: guitar and vocals
Daim de Rijke: percussions, sampling


Mawn is the Welsh word for the first breath of the morning. For most people, that first inhalation is spent in a dream state; time spent in anticipation and lost in imagination. The titular Berlin band Mawn inspires a similar effect by blending downtempo melodies with soulful vocals and bold trip hop beats.


Sabine Holler – singer songwriter, electric guitar (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Bjorn Eichhorn – electronics, instrumentalist (Berlin, Germany)


Nathalie is not exactly what you’re expacting from an italian (from Rome) singer songwriter. Her music is complex but goes straight to the heart, it’s melancholic and intimate but groovy and rock and the lyrics are in english, french, and italian. After having played for a few years around Italy, she became well known winning X Factor 4 (Italy- 2010) and performing on the most important italian festival, Sanremo (2011). The EP “In punta di piedi” was released in 2010 followed by the records “Vivo Sospesa” (2011) and “Anima di vento” (2013) released by Sony Music.

Musicians like Franco Battiato, Skunk Anansie, Elio e le Storie Tese, Toni Childs and Raf shared the stage or made collaborations with Nathalie.
On January 2016 she played four successful shows in Berlin impressing pretty much the international audience and a little UK tour followed on April 2016 with three gigs in London and one in Brighton.

Nathalie [My Refection – live in Berlin 2016] [“Call my Name”-live in Berlin 2016] [“Manteau Noir” – in French] [“Vivo Sospesa” Sanremo Festival Italy 2011] [“Suspended“ live with band]


THE PRIESTER SISTERS is a trio from Czech Republic playing swing of 30´s – 50´s in the style of the vocal trio Andrews Sisters. Natural vocal presentation, light dance moves and glamour look in combination with relaxed and pleasing music performed all by talented young professional musicians.

With their instrumental skills they add a new dimension to swing music from the days of the legendary Andrews Sisters. In the unusual composition of guitar, accordion and violin they accompany their own vocals and transform their concerts into an original and unique experiences.


Barbora Priester – vocal, guitar
Victoria Priester – vocal, accordion
Lucia Priester – vocal, violin


FANGIRLS is a Berlin based girl-boy-duo founded in late 2014. Their sound is an electrifying symbiosis of grunge, garage and California pop. If there was a soundtrack for a twenty-something’s existential angst and desire in uncertain times, this would be it.


Monya: electric guitar and vocals
Sebastian: electric guitar, loops and drum machine